Putt! Chip! Win!

4Par is a revolutionary golf app that allows users to play putting and chipping games with friends and family, track results, and improve performance. Utilizing augmented reality, 4Par generates a series of target rings at predetermined distances. With a putter or wedge in hand, users compete against each other to get the best score while the clock ticks down. Users’ performance is then recorded allowing them to track their progress with graphs and statistics. No matter where you are, 4Par makes practicing short game fun and easy. Try it today!

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Invite up to three friends to play or pair with another player to connect and play games virtually any time, anywhere.

The best-of-three format rewards players for making their shots within the target rings, the scores are then aggregated and the player with the highest score wins.

See how you stack up against other players in your area, globally, and on Facebook and win achievements for progressing your game.

Track your progress using the graphs in the player profile. Want more insight into your game? Premium players get additional graphs and charts to track even more short game stats.