About 4Par

Bryan Robinson and Brennan LaBuda met while attending the University of Oregon Master of Science in Finance program in Eugene, OR. After graduating in 2019, Bryan moved to Portland to work as a financial analyst for a real estate investment company, while Brennan stayed in Eugene to work as a portfolio manager in commercial banking. They kept in contact, and periodically met halfway in Salem to play golf and discuss business ideas.

The duo discovered the idea for 4Par after realizing there were no apps that efficiently captured a person’s performance while practicing putting and chipping. After some market research they were surprised to find that the only golf gaming apps available were arcade games, none of which involved using a physical putter or wedge. They decided to remedy this by developing 4Par, an app for experienced golfers and the putt-putt crowd alike. The app allows players to improve their short game while competing against others through a series of AR golf games. As players play the games the data is saved to their profile where they can track their performance over time. Finally, leaderboards show players how they stack up against friends and other members in the 4Par community.