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5 Best Weather Apps

5 Best Weather Apps

Spring is here and now’s the time to plan beach trips, crawfish boils, attend outdoor festivals and more. Being an Austinite means I constantly check the weather since it’s about as unpredictable as a defective firecracker. You never know what direction it’ll take, so stand by. 

Here are some top weather apps for iOS and Android, to keep you as prepared as possible, starting with my go-to.


Weather Underground

(FREE) – Instead of using radar data, Weather Underground pulls forecasts from a network of over 30,000 weather stations, so that users get a comprehensive and accurate local forecast from the actual radar system in each specific area. This unique app relies on crowdsourcing by allowing users to post their own photos, warnings, and reports.


The Weather Channel 

(FREE) – This app has a user-friendly interface with the option to see hourly, daily and weekly detailed forecasts. The Weather Channel app provides the user with meteorological related news, updates and local forecast videos. It’s truly acting as a “channel” for weather. My favorite feature? The extended 15-day forecast!


Weather Live

($3) – This app has an impressive display with high-quality graphics in the background to give the user a visual representation of the present weather. The app also lets users know what it “feels like” outside. Weather Live’s lifelike animation and details make it the go-to app for those who would like a visual and sensory report of the weather.


Dark Sky

($4) – Dark Sky is a highly precise weather app with a daily weather digest available. It’s up to the minute forecasts tell users very specific information; for instance, that it will hail in 10 minutes. The premium version of the app is $4; however, you will know exactly how to plan your wardrobe or when to bring an umbrella.


Carrot Weather

($5) – Carrot pulls its data from Dark Sky and combines it with a fresh design and cheeky attitude. The app reports the weather with comments like “I hope you get a sunburn.” Users can set preferences to friendly, snarky or murderous for the reporting of 7-day weather data and graphics.


Now that you have the best weather app on your phone, you can spend less time wondering about the weather and enjoying it.

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