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Agency to Client Communication Tips

Agency to Client Communication Tips

In the business world, it’s all about what you know and who you know. Proper client communication is essential to building your business network. This is why LinkedIn always pushes its users to add as many people as possible. Maintaining the connection is important as well so your professional networking doesn’t dwindle down. Reach out to your client about once or twice a week to check in on them.


Thought-provoking, stimulating conversations.

  • Ask questions to engage with your client and let them know that you are actively paying attention and that you care about what they have to say. Once your client is assured that they have captured your interest, they will open up to you more. In return, share with them as well. Without making the conversation all about you, tell them about yourself and the company. Once you get to know one another, you can establish expectations and work styles. In-depth communication will build trust as well.


Respect & Manners.

  • Stay humble. One of the biggest mistakes an agency can make is appearing as if they’re above their client. Your client is contributing to your business’s success, therefore treating your client like an equal partner will keep them sticking around. “Sir” and “Ma’am” will get you a long way, but be careful. Speaking from personal experience, many say that these formal titles makes them feel old. To be safe, reserve them for those in higher-ranking positions.


Be honest.

  • Don’t sugarcoat stuff or try to oversell. Be as casual and empathetic as possible if there is an aspect that you feel like may not be best for the relationship. A good client will recognize that your honesty has saved them time and stress.


Keep it friendly but professional.

Over time, professional relationships can evolve into platonic relationships, but getting too close is risky. If a disagreement occurs, personal feelings will be involved and could ruin the connection. Conduct small talk about their lives, such as what their hobbies are and their family. Some prefer to stay 100% professional and prefer not to talk about themselves, and in that case just stick with the standard “Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful day.”

Most importantly, stay positive! You should be easy to talk to and have something good to respond with. The best way to be positive is reassurance: Let them know that they are valuable and enjoyable to work with. Clients need to feel appreciated.

Social skills take time and practice to develop. There’s nothing wrong with turning to the Internet for help on building a good relationship with your client if you are unsure of what is acceptable and not. Here is more information on perfecting your professional client communication skills.

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