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Ample Apple Updates

Ample Apple Updates

We posted just the other day about some of the newly announced Apple updates that will be taking place this year.  But, that was just the tip of the iceberg.  Yes, there’s more!  The list of Apple updates that we will see is quite extensive.  Here is a quick recap:


Security Features

You know when you are logging into a new app and you have the option to sign in via Facebook?  It’s so convenient, but not necessarily the most secure.  Apple will be offering the “Sign in with Apple” Button which, unlike Facebook and Google, will actually keep your personal information safe.


Apple Watch

If you were wanting more, you’ll be getting more.  Apple Watch will not only be getting an array of new face options but extra health tracking features as well.  From sound level protection that warns you when noise could be harmful to your hearing, to a women’s cycling tracker, as well as an activity trends feature that will look at your longterm health.  Also, it will have soon have a calculator and voice memo app all at your wrist. 


If you haven’t completely given up on the iPad, this may be like Christmas in June.  Apple will be getting a whole software update called, “iPadOS”.  Home screen and widgets will now be able to be customized, mouse support will be an option, and be able to have a dual screen display.  Watch out world, a new iPad is in town!

So, there you have it!  A little bit more insight into Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference.  We’ll be sharing more as the week goes on. 


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