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Android and iPhone Tips, Tricks, and Hacks – 2020

Android and iPhone Tips, Tricks, and Hacks – 2020

Even if you’ve had your smart device for years, there may be some surprising features that you’re unaware of. Most phone hacks are discovered by accident, or via this helpful blog. We’ve gathered the most helpful tips for both Apple and Samsung phones.


 iPhone/iPad Tips

  • Curious about the COVID-19 tracker? This can be turned on/off in Settings > Location. Read more about this new feature.
  • Apple has a “dark mode” feature. This blacks out the background and whitens the text. This can be found in “Display” under Settings. Some users say this is easier on the eyes due to less blue light.
  • Use your headphones to effortlessly take the perfect selfie. Angle your phone accordingly, then use the volume button on your headphones to capture it.
  • This tip is a little more known but still a time-saver. If you’ve scrolled down a long list or been scrolling on Pinterest for an hour, quickly go back up to the top by tapping at the very top of your screen.
  • If you enjoy falling asleep to music or an audiobook, you can set a timer to turn it off in order to save battery. Go to Clock> Timer> Stop Playing.
  • Audio Messages don’t have to expire. In Settings, then Messages, you can change the Audio Messages expiration setting to “Never”. Now, they will not auto-delete after two minutes.
  • “The Slofie” is a fun option on the latest iPhones. Here, MacRumors explains how to capture the mesmerizing slow-mo selfie.
  • For a few more iPhone tricks, iDB did a great job of visually showing you “how to” in this video:


Samsung: Note and S Series

  • The control center feature normally found by dragging down the top of the screen can also be found by scrolling down on the fingerprint sensor.
  • Personalize your phone with Samsung Themes! Not only does it change your screensavers to pretty, animated designs, but it designs your app icons and background of other features as well.
  • Battery saving hack – Samsung has four battery operating modes: Fast performance, optimized, medium, and maximum. In maximum power saving mode, your phone can last 2-3 days without charge.
  • WiFi passwords are often lengthy and difficult to type correctly. Now, you can share a network with a friend by allowing them to scan your network QR code.
  • To protect your privacy while your kiddo plays games on your phone, “screen pinning” is an option. This will keep certain apps locked unless a PIN is entered. Go to Settings > Security.
  • Accidentally cleared all notifications? Keep track of your notifications by pressing onto the screen to pull up screen adjuster. Select “Widget” then drag “Settings” into an empty space. You should be able to select “Notifications log”.
  • If you are thinking of switching from iPhone to Android, there are some cool features that Android offers. For instance, Android lets you choose your default apps. If you prefer to use Firefox as your browser or Google messages for text messaging, they can now be your default apps. Cnet has more reasons to love Android here.

Both companies have a “tips” feature enabled into the device. For Apple, go to the “Tips” app for updated shortcuts. For Samsung, in Settings there is a “Help” feature, along with helpful suggestions as you navigate through settings. Both Bixby for Samsung and Siri for Apple also have random tips.

For all smart devices, it is recommended to completely power off then back on at least once a week. This will help with overall performance.

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