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Apple’s Privacy Policy Update iOS 14.5

Apple’s Privacy Policy Update iOS 14.5

iOS 14.4 was released on January 26, 2021. Apple’s next software update will also bring privacy policy changes.  In recent times, there is a growing concern about devices listening to conversations and ads getting way too personal. Apple strikes back with privacy protection. Here are a few important notes about Apple’s privacy update.


 Apple’s Privacy Policy

The next iOS update will be iOS 14.5. While officials are unsure of the exact release date, it might be in March. GottaBeMobile warns users not to download beta 14.5 due to troubling issues.

For this update, one addition will be App Tracking Transparency. ATT will be a win for consumers because now apps will need permission to track data. Als0, apps will need to be upfront about their data collection process. This includes in-app data along with data from other apps and websites. This will allow users to have more control over their Internet privacy. Facebook fought Apple hard on this policy but to no avail. Read more about this here.

Speaking of the Internet, as of now Safari sends IP addresses to Google Safe Browsing to ensure users are not about to open an unsafe website. Now, Apple will have their own proxy to warn users about fraudulent websites. Meaning, soon Apple will not be sharing IP addresses with Google. Read more about it here.

Another privacy feature will include Private Click Measurement. This will help marketers understand which advertising practices are most effective. It will also give advertisers more insight into conversions and sign-ups. All while still maintaining users’ privacy.

There are concerns regarding the facial recognition databases. Some are worried that their facial features are not just for unlocking phones, but for further invasive tracking. Now, 14.5 will be able (or at least try) to recognize faces even with a mask on. Interestingly, this feature will only work with an Apple Watch. Apple does admit that facial recognition technology with masks will not be perfect, but it’s progress. Read more about it here.


iOS 14.5

The two biggest features of iOS 14.5 are App Tracking Transparency and masked facial recognition. Other features will include setting your own default music. So, now you can just go straight to Spotify or Pandora. Apple will also add 200 more emojis. There will also be console controller support. This will allow users to play Xbox and PS5 games on an iPhone or iPad. Let us know your thoughts on Apple’s iOS 14.5 and privacy policy update!


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