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Electric Scooter Update

Electric Scooter Update

Since the launch of the electric scooter throughout urban areas, many enhancements have been made.  Also, rules implemented, and new scooter companies have launched. In 2018, we took rides on Bird and Lime scooters in Austin to see what all the fuss was about. We reported the experience in this blog post, ELECTRIC SCOOTERS: BIRD VS. LIME. Now here’s our update!


More Scooter Options

Two years ago, the only two scooter options that existed in Austin were Bird and Lime. Jump to 2019 and we have added six more. With a total of 8 scooter providers, there is a lot to consider when choosing who to use, namely pricing. Here’s a quick break down of rates and major differences.

When Bird and Lime “unofficially” launched in Austin, passengers were not equipped with rules and safety information for zipping through the city streets. Now, the City of Austin has outlined all of the need-to-know information here and on this handy Get There ATX infographic. Additionally, the scooter apps will guide the operator through these regulations prior to initial use.


Rate Changes, Assistance Programs

When scooters launched on city streets, rates were an average of $0.10 to $0.12/minute less than the current rates. However, since there are now more scooter providers available, there are a few more competitively priced choices. Lyft, Jump, and VeoRide lead the way in cost-efficient pricing. Not only competitive pricing but now assistance programs exist. The programs available are listed at Get There ATX under the assistance programs tab. Six of the eight companies offer a break to qualifying participants.


Bottom Line

What a difference two years can make in gaining some resources and an array of options for us that travel by way of electric scooter. This form of transportation seems vastly more enticing as the city and its licensed providers work together to make micro-mobility a feasible option for Austin residents and visitors.


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