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Everything About Apple’s iOS 14 Update

Everything About Apple’s iOS 14 Update

Apple’s new software update, iOS 14, will change the iPhone as we know it. Apple added on widgets back in the summer of 2020, and now they’re about to add on a lot more. If you rely on apps for business management, keep reading. Prepare for Apple’s newest software update, and be aware of advertisement changes.


 iOS 14

Speaking of widgets, those will improve with the next update. Such as, appearing at certain times of the day and align more with the most frequented apps. Other small updates include improved app organization and being able to continue your video/FaceTime call while using other apps. Also, users can upgrade their Memoji. Siri will be updated as well. Read more about surface-level updates here.

So, how will iOS 14 affect the inner works, such as app functionality? App and business owners should be aware of AppTrackingTransparency and how it will change data optimization, ad targeting, and more. Apple is cracking down on how people monetize on Facebook Audience Network. Now, ads must have a certified flag. Not having one may result in some apps’ removal. Unfortunately, this also means there may be a decrease in ad revenue for those who rely on Facebook to promote their app.

In order to prepare for this, Facebook Audience Network recommends the following actions. Update all iOS apps to Audience Network SDK 6.2.1 to continue monetizing for iOS 14 users. Then, implement the Advertising Tracking Enabled flag, irrespective of the use of mediation. This informs Facebook whether to use the data to deliver personalized ads. Finally, add the suggested SKAdNetwork IDs to the Xcode project’s Info.plist. This is crucial for advertisers to measure the success of ad campaigns.

iOS 14 will improve Safari as well. Now, improved memory management and additional port validation. The additional port validation will further prevent virus-contained pop-up and redirected pages. State handling improved, meaning this also filters out malicious webpages. Apple has always provided exceptional security, will no signs of weak spots.

Face recognition is an important feature of the update. FR technology still has room for improvement, and Apple is filling up that space. Now, your iPhone and/or iPad will be able to alert you who is at the door. Tag contacts to their photos in your camera roll so FR knows what your friends and family look like. Then connect your device to the doorbell, and you can see who is at the door.


Ever-changing Apple

Apple’s technology evolution affects the rest of the world. Apple keeps up with Samsung, and loyal consumers keep up with the latest Apple trends. However, not all changes are for the better (ahem, headphone jack?) and app owners may have a hard time with this newest change. Let us know what you think of iOS 14!


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