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Facebook and Meta

Facebook, which has been around since 2004, is now a part of the Metaverse, or just Meta. So how did this happen, and what is Meta?

Facebook and Meta

To make things clear, you can still call it Facebook, or its nickname, FB. But, now Zuckerberg is moving forward to expand online networking, thus creating Meta. Since Facebook owns Instagram and Whatsapp, it’ll be easier to manage everything under one parent company. Also, the company plans on developing & researching technology for our future. Their goal is to enhance virtual networking, which Facebook started. Specifically, they want to transform 2D into 3D. So basically, much like how you can play online games with your friends, Meta plans to bring the virtual world to the real world. They’ve called in augmented and virtual reality designers to proceed with the next step of our Back to the Future world. We already know that it will have a feature called “Presence Platform,” which will allow everyday people like you and me to have a say in Meta’s operations. In addition, the company will likely develop more apps/social media platforms relating to networking.

Since Meta is still relatively new, we don’t know much about it yet. It’s interesting how it happens right after the whistleblower incident, which Zuckerberg addresses in his video. But, it can also be seen as a solution as well, as Meta promises to be transparent about their finances and operations. We will keep up with the Metaverse and see where it goes!

You can read more about Meta here. Coming up next on our blogs: Instagram & teenagers.


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