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Google Pay Services Update March 2021

Google Pay Services Update March 2021

Google Pay just announced some upcoming changes to their terms of services, app, and website. If you tossed out the e-mail or you use the mobile payment service often, listen up.


Google Pay

Now, the payment service will be available as a brand-new app. The previous G Pay app will no longer be functional. Additionally, the website will no longer allow users to send and receive money. Users will only be able to view their balance on the site. All transactions must go through the new app. This includes withdrawing money. Secondly, Google is taking multiple Terms of Services and combine them into a one-size-fits-all contract. In this contract, they will revise the minimum user age to 18 years old. It will include new terms as well. The revised terms of services will take effect on April 5th. Balances will automatically transfer to the new app. So, be sure to delete the old one and sign in to the new one. Also, any bank information will need to be re-entered.

With this mobile pay app, you can send/receive money, online shop, and transfer money from the platform to your own bank account. You can also receive rewards, deals, and financial management assistance through the app. G Pay also allows you to pay with the app at restaurants, gas stations, and more in times when you forget your wallet.

Download the new app for Google Play here. For Apple, click here.


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