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How Facebook Monitors Activity

How Facebook Monitors Activity

Sometimes, it’ll occur to you that you haven’t seen a friend’s posts in a few days. So when you go look at their profile, it shows they’ve been inactive for a few days. This is odd, they love posting memes every hour. So, what happened? Facebook jail. “Facebook jail” refers to when Facebook bans activity and may log the user out. Here’s how Facebook monitors activity, and the levels of Facebook jail.


 Not in Zuck’s House

First, Facebook has AI that automatically scans all activity, including posts, comments, and messages. They even monitor your reacts to posts, and will warn you if you’re getting too like-button-happy. So, much like virus-detection technology that keeps your devices virus-free, FB has spam detection. Now, a post doesn’t have to be reported first to be taken down. AI is constantly rummaging through FB. It may take a couple of hours, but posts that are NSFW, promote drug abuse or too spicy memes will be removed, with no prior warning. First, the AI finds the questionable post. Next, actual humans review it to judge for themselves if it’s OK or not. Then, they will remove the post and notify the poster. The user can then accept their fate, or submit a “request review”.

Similar to our own legal system, there are misdemeanors, felonies, and heavier consequences for repeated offenses. And, once you commit one crime, Facebook monitors your activity much closer. A minor offense, such as an inappropriate meme, will earn you a slap on the wrist. Your post will be removed, but you can continue posting and scrolling. More serious offenses, such as selling drugs or posting nude photos, will land you in Facebook jail. Typical FB jail sentences range from 3 days to a week but could last up to three weeks. Defiant delinquents get their profiles permanently removed after numerous offenses.

Be careful what you post and do on Facebook! This applies to Instagram as well, which Facebook owns. It’s not just timeline posts. Comments, stories, and Live, and even Messenger are all monitored, too. If you’re not sure what’s safe, check out their guidelines here.


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