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Making An Effective Commercial

Making An Effective Commercial

The TV commercial has come a long way since the first ad aired in the 1940s. Some have speculated that TV commercials have lost their importance. Americans are watching an average of four hours of television a day.  If they aren’t watching tv, they’re streaming on their cell phones, desktops, and more.  Making an effecive commercial these days is a necessary advertising tool to have.  Knowing what makes an effective commercial is just as important. 


Knowing Your Brand

Being in touch with your brand seems like a no brainer, but knowing your brand, what problem you’re trying to solve, your demographic, and more importantly, the feelings you are trying to invoke is important.  


Telling Your Story

Being able to create an engaging story in a 15, 30, or 60-second video is harder than it sounds.  In fact, these days a lot of commercials have now been shortened into a six-second time slot, ideal for streaming, social media, and live events.  It is important to make sure you know what you are trying to convey and have your storyline down.  Based on what’s out there, the expectation is commercials almost have to be like a movie, a really, really short one. 


Filming and Visuals

These days with an effective commercial is eye-catching.  It must stand out from the rest.  Whether it’s minimalist or is over the top with effects, there is a broad spectrum of ways this can be done.  Ultimately, the production has to be high quality. Having a talking head with B-roll footage in the background is slightly old school and the typical consumer is looking for something more. 



The music that is in your commercial sets the tone and feel for your brand and product.  Think about it, it’s basically the soundtrack to your mini-movie. You wouldn’t have heavy metal music for a baby food commercial, right?  Let’s hope not! Having music that aligns with the feel and concepts of your movie is the finishing touch that is not meant to be glossed over. 

In short, these are just a few major things to consider during your 15 seconds of advertisement.  Make sure to take the time to nail these down to get your ad just right.

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