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Marketing Services Case Study

Marketing Services Case Study

We offer various marketing services.  Some clients hire us for full packages, while others only do so for partial marketing services.  One of our longest and greatly valued relations is with, Naturally More.  This client has slowly integrated us more into their advertising efforts over the last couple of years.


Website Design

The Naturally More and partnership started when they entrusted our design team to build their website. Created with a slick design and stunning product photography, Naturally More is a full-functioning, e-commerce website.


Google Ads Campaign

After the website design completion, we took over their Search Engine and Display Marketing campaigns. We then fully integrated Google Ads.  While the CTRs were above average, Naturally More was concerned about their conversion rates.



Ultimately, Naturally More decided to consult with us and figure out the necessary steps to increase their revenue.  We concluded the following needed to take place: 1) Content creation and 2) Incentive.

Currently, our Digital Media Coordinator is establishing their monthly newsletter.   The newsletter cleverly titled, Naturally More Digest, features themed purchase incentives, a product of the month, and a recipe for their health-conscious audience.


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