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New Apps and Fall Apps

New Apps and Fall Apps

We are always on the lookout for new and seasonal apps, such as fall apps. From games to countdowns, you can always count on us. With the fall season among us, we have also included some apps to help get you in the autumn spirit. Check out some of this season’s apps!


Widgetsmith – With the release of iOS 14, iPhone users now have the ability to customize their home screens and create widgets. Widgetsmith allows you to customize the appearance of widgets and what each widget shows at a particular time of day. If you want to spend some time perfecting your home screen aesthetic, this will be a must-have. You can download it on the Apple App Store.

Among Us – Among Us is a simulation game that puts you and up to nine others in a spaceship that needs fixing. However, following the same model as the game “Mafia” or “Werewolves”, there is an impostor in the crew that is bent on killing everyone. The crew must complete all the tasks or identify and vote the impostor off the ship to win. You can create a private game and play with your friends or join a public game. It is available to download for Apple and Android. Beware, it is addicting!


GiveTide – This app’s theme isn’t necessarily related to fall, but the function is! As we head into the season of giving, GiveTide makes it easy to support your favorite charities. It works by rounding up the spare change on the purchases you already make and donating it to charities of your choice! It is basically like an electronic change jar, making it easy and convenient to donate! You can download GiveTide on the Apple App Store.

AllTrails – The best thing about fall in Texas is that the temperatures finally cool down below 90 degrees. These cooler temperatures are great for hitting hiking trails. Austin has a lot, but AllTrails is an app that can help discover hiking, biking, and more trails all around the world. You can download it on Apple and/or Android devices and either sign up and purchase a subscription or just use the free version.

Polarr – Want your Instagram aesthetic to match the season? You can edit your photos by changing the lighting, choose a filter or create your own with Polarr. This app goes beyond the simple changes you can make to photos, giving you ultimate editing power. Now you can get those fall foliage photos from your hike looking extra orange for the perfect autumn vibe. You can download it on Apple or Google’s app stores.

Hopefully you feel a little more knowledgeable about some of these apps and can use them to help enjoy the fall season. And hopefully you don’t get too obsessed with Among Us. Have fun trying them out!


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