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Retaining Email Subscribers

Retaining Email Subscribers

In the past, we’ve written about the importance of having an email newsletter for your brand or business. Building the list is a big part of your direct marketing efforts.  On the other hand, keeping them subscribed, opening emails, and engaged is even more important.  It’s easier to retain and engage current subscribers than it is to find new ones. Therefore, bringing us to today’s blog tips for great automated email suggestions for retaining your email subscribers.


Welcome Emails 

This may seem like a no brainer as far as retaining email subscribers. But you would be surprised how often this type of automated email is completely underutilized and overlooked.  This a big part of your first impression.  The welcome email generates once a new subscriber has signed up and is received within moments. 


Thank You Emails 

In a world where we are always go, go, go and living for the thrill of instant satisfaction, or bombarded with marketing gimmicks, etc. it can be really nice to receive an email that doesn’t require any action on the subscribers part.  A Thank You email is straight-up refreshing these days. It shows genuine communication from your brand that your subscriber is appreciated.


Birthday Emails 

If you can get your subscribers’ birthdate, you’re onto something.  Who does not like getting a best wishes email on their birthday? In fact, an awesome tactic is to offer them a discount or a coupon for their birthday month. It’s a great way to increase sales, engagement, and it gives your customers something to look forward to. 


Follow Up Email 

Ah, yes the follow-up email. This can typically can come in a number of forms, such as someone who started checking out and abandoned their shopping cart, the email can remind them in hopes that they finally purchase the product.  Another scenario is they recently purchased a product or service and you could be following up with them if they are happy with the product, need additional accessories, or just to say thank you. Either way, you can’t go wrong. 


Feedback Email

This could easily be filed under the Follow Up Email section, but we thought it was worthy of its own section.  Why? Well, when Yelp Reviews have such weight on people’s shopping choices, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of your customer satisfaction. Knowing that your clients are happy, areas of improvement, quality, customer service, etc. are all important feedback that you need to be gauging on a regular basis. 

There are plenty of different ways to retain your newsletter subscribers.  These are just a simple, easy, and automated way to keep your subscribers engaged.  Out of all of these emails, the most important thing is to remain authentic and sincere.  If you have any questions or are in need of newsletter services, you can always feel free to contact us.  


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