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Second Languages To Be Fluent In

Second Languages To Be Fluent In

Whether you’re the CEO or just a regular Joe, it is important to know a second language. Not only does it strengthen your brain, but as a professional, it’s a fool-proof way to impress your colleagues. Also, you never know when you’ll need to read something in a different dialect. Read about these second languages that are handy to be fluent in! Remember, all languages vary depending on the region.

Discover culture when you learn a new language

Second Languages for Professionals

  • Spanish. It is the second most spoken language in the North American region, especially in the United States. So, Spanish is good for everyone to know. Hola, amigo!
  • American Sign Language. Deaf and hard of hearing people also want to conduct business just like hearing people would. Some can lipread, but masks take this away. ASL is fun to learn!
  • German. Another important language to learn for business as the US does do business with Germany, especially automobiles. There are also a lot of German speakers in Texas.
  • Mandarin. The most widely used language in China. Some jobs may require traveling there.
  • Arabic. If you’re in the oil and gas business, you need to know Arabic. Plus, it’s one of the oldest languages. Roughly 422 million are fluent.
  • Russian. First of all, you can impress anyone if you can read Russian. Also, Russians are not as familiar with English as other European countries. So, you can unlock some achievements here.
  • French. In Canada and the northern US States, many speak French. It’s also one of the official languages of the UN and the World Trade Organization. Bonjour!
  • Portuguese. This language is plentiful in South America and in Europe. Similar to Spanish, it’s handy to know for business because of how widespread it is. Environmentalists should consider learning Portuguese.
  • Japanese. The Japanese are notorious for having business-centered lifestyles. Along with automobiles, they excel in many fields of work. It is also another fun language to learn!


There are over 7,000 languages in the world! You will experience more in life by learning one or more of these second languages. Danke (“Thank you” in German) for reading! Let us know what second languages you know!


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