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Step By Step: Making A Commercial

Step By Step: Making A Commercial

Recently we posted about what it takes to make an effective commercial. We thought we would take a moment and give you a little glimpse into what making a commercial for our clients at 


Step 1: Know Your Product & Audience

Are you starting to see a theme here?  Most of our first steps are always know your product, your audience, and know the message you are trying to convey. 


Step 2: Brainstorming

Here at, the entire team works on ideas separately and then comes together to pick the final top three ideas to elaborate on.  After, we then send them to the client.


Step 3: Writing the Script

After the final idea is selected, the writing of the script and storyboard begin to take place.  From pauses to pictures, to sound effects and more, this is where the skeleton of the commercial is formed. 


Step 4: Production Team

We are fortunate here at to have our own director, production team, editor, etc. in house.  The team begins filming and bringing the vision to life by filming, voice-overs, graphics, editing and more.


Step 5: First Review

There is always excitement when the email comes in with the first viewing of the commercial.  This is the first draft, so to speak, and we begin taking notes, making suggestions, and, of course, sending praise to our video team. 


Step 6: Second Review

Typically, after our first round of notes, our production team is able to come back with a virtually finished project.  We then send the commercial to our client for the final approval, which always comes back with a two thumbs up.


Step 7: Releasing the Commercial

After the commercial is approved and finalized as far as mastering, etc.  We begin releasing the commercial to the world via social media, press releases, YouTube, and television.  It’s an exciting process.

While this all sounds easy in our little how-to, having a great team is an important part of creating an effective commercial.  In fact, we’ve had the pleasure of creating commercials for many of our clients such as the Key of Life App, or our multiple award-winning Parqueo Commercial, and more are currently in the works! 

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