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“Thank You” Best Practices

“Thank You” Best Practices

According to Gartner Research, “When it comes to making a purchase, 64% of people find customer experience more important than price.” So, how can we best enhance that experience? While our businesses consistently deliver quality services, on time, tailored to our clients’ needs, a simple “Thank you” is still the most powerful tool in retaining that partnership. With that being said, let’s take it back to basics with some easy, yet effective best practices in gratitude.


Saying Thank You to Clients

First, keep things genuine and personalized. Remember, our clients teach us how to run a better business each and every day. Let’s look at them as part of our teams. A heartfelt message is in order, so be earnest and clear in your communication. Tell them exactly why you enjoyed the opportunity to work with them.

So, there are many ways to express gratitude and being creative is great, but what I find to be exceptional, memorable, and refreshing is a simple and genuine handwritten note. This is a great way to thank long distance clients as well. In the marketing industry, we may never be face to face with our clients, so we cannot always deliver a gift or take the client to lunch.


The Business of Gratitude

Now, it’s important to integrate gratitude into the day to day business of things. Invoices are a standard practice that present an opportunity to express our thanks. An invoice could include a thank you note attached, as well as a personalized gift or offer.

On the topic of offers, why not offer an upgrade? Too often, we use upgrades as a band-aid when something goes wrong. Wouldn’t a “just because” offer or an “appreciation” offer go a long way? Try ending a great call with an additional service and a spoken thank you.


Thank you notes.The Thank You in Marketing

Finally, the “social shout out” in marketing can be the best way to these days to show your clients that they are important to you. The shout out on social is a quick post that just takes a few minutes. Share something cool about your client. Get their name in your newsletters and blog posts too.

And last but not least, a referral can be an excellent way to share appreciation. Think of it like sharing the wealth. Our business is definitely a business of referrals. So, why not tell our network when we have a recommendation? We know people that offer all kinds of services. This small action incorporated on a regular basis will come back around for sure.

To conclude, a “gratitude attitude” and an open line of communication with our clients, partners, and customers is something that can be most powerful when done in the simplest forms. When we make it part of our routine, it becomes second nature. Heartfelt, simple, not overthought gratitude at its purest is one powerful tool that keeps coming back. On that note, thank you so much for visiting the blog today. We hope you found something helpful to take away!


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