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The Big Three

Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. The big three of social media. Ask any millennial and they would probably agree that a majority of their time spent on social media is using one or all of these apps. With social media entertaining so much of millennial’s time, it is critical that they continuously update to keep their consumers engaged.
How do they do this? Here is a list of new features introduced by Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


1. Advances its marketing analytics allows advertisers to track Facebook Page interactions like reactions and shares.
2. There are now 1.94 billion, that’s billion with a “B”, monthly active users on Facebook.
3. News Feed is getting cleaned up due to recent complaints of fake news so that quality and credibility are not compromised.
4. Stories, similar to Snapchat and Instagram, are introduced to Facebook.
5. 360 images have taken Facebook by storm and more than 25 million 360 photos and 1 million 360 videos have been posted

Facebook 360 Photo


1. Just hit 700 million active monthly users.
2. Direct, their private messaging platform, is updated so regular private messages, shared posts, and disappearing photos and videos will all show up in the same thread.
3. The “Shoppable” icon is a new feature in the bottom corner of a brand’s post and allows consumers to see basic price and item information.
4. You can now save Instagram Live broadcasts. Previously, once the broadcast was finished, the video was gone forever but not anymore.
5. Multiple image and video posts allows users to create a single Instagram post with a slideshow of up to 10 images and/or videos.

Facebook Multiple Photo Sharing


1. Bigger and better Bitmoji integrations. Bitmoji is now in chat, profiles, and search results.
2. Snapchat search bar on the camera screen, chat screen and on Stories. This makes it easier to find friends, groups, or new contacts.
3. Global Story with snaps from all across the globe allows users to take part in global Snapchat Stores without actually being where the Story is taking place.
4. New Filters for people to transform themselves with. Everyone is familiar with the dog and flower crown but now you can be an old person or a hippy.
5. Geofilters are available at certain events and people can even make their own. They communicate “where and when” of a Snap in a fun way.

Snapchat New Geofilters

These social media platforms are constantly evolving and competing for the next big thing. They allow people to create and share information, ideas, interest and other forms of expression instantaneously. People love exploring new ways to connect, so what’s next?


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