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The Difference Between Chrome and Safari

The Difference Between Chrome and Safari

Internet enthusiasts have been debating for years whether Chrome or Safari is better. It depends on what devices you have and personal preference. But, here is a breakdown between Chrome and Safari, with some reviews from users who have tried both.



Google Chrome

Google Chrome works best with Android devices and all laptops. It even runs well on Apple products. It is powered by V8 JavaScript technology, along with 20 years of Internet experience. Many websites and social media platforms are partnered with Google. Because of this, Facebook and YouTube as well as other sites are more compatible with Chrome. Plus, it has a top-notch pop-up blocker. Users enjoy using Chrome’s extension feature, which personalizes web experience. Extensions are also important for browser security. And the best part? it is the fastest Internet browser, loading pages in the blink of an eye. A neat little feature is that it’ll install a Google search bar on your home screen, so you don’t have to pull up the browser first. The only downside is that it can use more battery, but only by a small percent. Roughly 3 billion people use Google Chrome. Here is more info on the browser.


Apple Safari

Safari is only on Apple products. The most useful aspect is that it synchronizes all your information across all your Apple products. Safari is easy to use, so it’s good for those who prefer a more simple design. It is nicely organized, with bookmarks being easily accessible. However, sometimes it can run slower if you have multiple apps and pages open. And, it’s not as compatible with some websites, social media platforms, or non-Apple devices. This can be bothersome when trying to share something between Apple and Android devices. Here is more info on Apple’s default browser.


The Verdict

Chrome is the highest in numbers, but Safari is not far behind. However, Chrome is simply more compatible with more sites and devices, while Safari is only good for Apple. Here is a detailed breakdown between Chrome and Safari. Comment your opinion on the web browsers.


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