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The Importance of Updating Your Apps

The Importance of Updating Your Apps

We all roll our eyes when we get that notification that an app needs to be updated.   These updates can often seem like an inconvenience.  But, they are necessary to ensure the most current versions of the technology is installed. From security to bug fixes and more…


Safety & Security

Technology is constantly changing. And unfortunately, so are the “bad guys”.  Malware and hackers are consistently finding holes in software.  Luckily, with updating your apps regularly, the app is currently evolving to protect your devices and information from malware and those pesky hackers.  Rest easy knowing someone isn’t out there sending messages on your behalf or better yet know your bank info and passwords are safe and sound.


Bug Fixes

Remember the last time you were on the Pinterest App and it kept freezing and crashing? Luckily, most apps have regular updates to prevent software glitches like this from continuing.  Perhaps Pinterest wasn’t the best example, but we’re sure you can relate.  The great thing about these fixes, is that they are typically customer feedback based, so next time you get that obnoxious feedback pop up on your app, take thirty seconds and let them know what’s on your mind.


New Features

We all like new things.  Regular updates can supply you with new features.  Whether it’s new filters in your Instagram or the ability to unlock Facebook through WhatsApp, updating these apps is the only way to get new features.  Now, not every update will get you new features, but the only way to find out is to update regularly!


Updating your apps once a week is a great place to start.  In fact, if you don’t even want to think about it, you can set your updates to run automatically.  It may seem like a chore, but like making sure your car has it’s oil changed regularly, keeping your apps up to date, is an important maintenance to keeping your iPhone or Android running smoothly.


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