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Tips on Creating an Infographic

Tips on Creating an Infographic

A challenge to selling your services is showing a customer that you’re an expert on your product/industry. As an expert, creating an infographic is a great way to stand out amongst your competitors. The most efficient way to be persuasive is with information. So, an infographic provides a quick, easily readable visual on data points, facts, rates, and what you want your audience to know. A successful infographic lets facts and graphics speak for itself. It lets your audience know you’re knowledgeable with minimal words. 

Creating an Infographic


Impactful Facts and Graphics Do the Heavy Lifting

First, use various types of data. Your infographic is a summary of information. For example, showcasing a pie chart is a popular option. Another way to provide information is through percentages or numerical data. It could be statistical information like, “The average cost of research for a start-up.” This data shows your audience how your service could save them money.

Next, have a uniform, consistent design. Use a color scheme and fonts to make it easy to follow. Too much variety can make the graphic look disorganized and distracting. Your infographic doesn’t have to be colorless and boring! Just use color assignments and font as a guide for a clean look. Balance text and photos judiciously. Also, good use of white space on the page is appealing to the eyes. Finally, your infographic should be one page.

Creating an Infographic


Tools for Creating an Infographic

Adobe offers good programs to help you design your infographic, like InDesign. They offer tips, layouts, and cool, artsy ideas. Additionally, InDesign lets you personalize your designs, making you stand out. 

Now, perhaps you want to create a video infographic. That is an option too, with Biteable templates. Biteable is super easy to use and an efficient option. You can upload your own materials and incorporate your brand’s logo into the video.

Lastly, my go-to for templates is Canva. It even has business templates for entrepreneurs to visually showcase their business and relevant facts. Their compelling infographic designs still allow for individuality. The templates allow for limitless ways to represent your information. Design with Canva is incredibly simple. You don’t need to be a designer.

To wrap things up, always make sure you format your infographic according to each social media platform. Making it shareable through multiple avenues means it reaches more people. That’s why you created the handy design – to show your audience that you know your stuff!

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