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Top 5 Apps For Summer

Top 5 Apps For Summer

Summer is on its way.  Get ready for school to let out, back yard bbq’s, weekend trips to the beach, and other adventures that come with summer sun and summer fun!  Why not be prepared for adventures and activities with the top 5 apps for summer!


SunWise UV Index

Let’s face it, Global Warming is a thing and with that comes more intense UV rays.  Hello, Sunburn!  To help prevent yourself from getting a little extra crispy, check out the SunWise UV Index App.  Created by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), this free app is perfect for helping you pack sunglasses, SPF, and hat for those extra afternoon rays. 


Swim Guide

Whether you’re hoofing it to the beach, the lake house, or your local waterhole, it’s always crucial to be prepared.  With Swim Guide, you can find the cleanest and closest beaches nearby.  Not only does it have locations, directions, but the quality of the water, charts over the last few years, and whether it’s safe to swim for you and your family.  All this and you can get involved by reporting pollution, donate to charity organizations, and learn more about environmental issues in your area. 



If the beach isn’t your thing and you’ve got your hiking boots on and backpack ready to go, check out iOverlander.  This is a fantastic (free) app for both Android and iPhone.  You can search nearby camping sites with a detailed list of their amenities, reviews, and pictures.  It also has a user-friendly feature that enables you to update info.  After you’ve downloaded the app, get ready to pitch that tent and start your campfire!



Sometimes you’ve just gotta get in the car and go!  Whether there is a final destination in mind, or you’re a spur of the moment, fly by the seat of your pants kinda person… or in this case, drive…. Roadtrippers – Trip Planner is the app.  You can pick your final destination and the app will help you plan up to 7 stops along the way! (You can upgrade for more). Roadtrippers can help you discover stops that other search functions may miss, like diners and quirky roadside stops. 



Nothing brings on the feeling of Summer than a backyard BBQ.  Once you’ve fired up the grill, got out the picnic table, and popped open an ice cold beverage, you’re ready to go… almost.  Weber Grill is essential for cooking and BBQing from recipes to a grilling guide with timers, and it even makes a grocery list for you!  There are even videos to walk you through recipes as well.  Easy, breezy!

There you have it!  You’re ready for all of the fun in the sun now that you’ve downloaded these apps for summer! 

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