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Top-Rated Apps For 2021

As an app marketing company, we keep up with the hottest apps on the market. Therefore, here are the top-rated apps for games, lifestyle, and more for 2021.


Top Apps 2021

Traditionally, the dominating apps were social media apps. But, the pandemic allowed for streaming apps to take over. Apps for remote/school and work are popular now as well. The top free apps on Apple’s App Store are YouTube, Disney+, Netflix, Zoom, HBO Max, and TikTok, in that order. Other popular apps include Marvel: Color Your Own, Simply Piano by JoyTunes, and the Walmart app. Retail apps are popular now that curbside pickup is a thing. If you like to plan, try out Zoho Projects. These are also available on Google Play. The highest-rated paid apps on the App Store are Procreate, GoodNotes 5, Notability, Toca Kitchen 2, and Toca Life: Vacation, in that order. If you need a new app for your virtual get-togethers, try Houseparty, a group video chat service. It is available for Apple and Android.

For Google Play, the top apps also focus on music and TV streaming. On top of Google’s charts for free apps are HBO Max, Tubi, TikTok, Zoom, Google Pay, and Cash App. Google’s top-grossing apps are Google One, Disney+, Twitch, Pandora, ESPN, and Tinder.

We will continue to monitor app trends and come out with a fall edition this year. Now that freedom is becoming more feasible, Disney+ and HBO Max might have to step down as people start leaving the house. Let us know what your favorite apps are!


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