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Meet-Up Non-Dating Apps: Make Friends

Meet-Up Non-Dating Apps: Make Friends

Singles in this day and age seem to have a love/hate relationship with dating apps, but all negatives asides, we think it is pretty cool that you can literally pick who you date. While we think you should be able to be just as picky about your new friends, or not! It’s up to you!  We bring to you 5 unique, meet-up non-dating apps.


Available in thousands of cities, Meetup brings people together to do more of what they want in life. It was developed with a simple idea in mind: When people get together to do the things that matter the most to them, they are their best. Meetup brings people together in pursuit of achieving the life goals. Interested in investing? There is a probably a Meetup for that! Are you a Boomer seeking social activities with people your age?! There is probably a Meetup for that too! If not, you can create a new Meetup group for whatever activity you like. There are more people out there than you think with your similar interests, give it a try!


Meet, Chat, Go Live. Skout is a global network for meeting new people near or around you. You can even broadcast yourself live! It is similar to Facebook.  So if you are comfortable being live, this one if definitely for you. You’ll start feeling the love and meeting new people instantly! You will meet people based on proximity and you can chat with them. Additionally, see updates from nearby users, browse their profiles/pictures, and even promote your profile with in-app features.


An app that focuses on events and things to do, find what events your friends are liking, attending, when your favorite artists, musicians, and comedian events are upcoming in your area. Nearify will recommend you every day a personalized list of events happening in the location of your choice, perfect if you are in a new city! Although this app does not focus on helping you meet new people, it opens the door to meeting new people that already share similar interests to yours. Plus, you’ll meet them organically!

We3 (previously Me3)

We3 is a friendship app that focuses on creating Tribes of 3! You will meet people of the same gender based on personality, lifetyle, beliefs, values, etc. and it even includes shares traits, mutual interests, and common goals. This app features private profiles, only those that match with you can see it and IT IS NOT for love, it is exclusively for friendships and all matches are made in groups of three.

Meet My Dog

For dog owners, Meet My Dog, is a free, private social network for you and your loyal companion! With this app, you will find out who is at the dog park, share photos, chat in real time, and set up puppy/dog playdates. Let’s face it, sometime we dog owners, feel guilty when we are out and about without our fur friend, but with this app, that is an easy fix. Meet with people that want to include their dogs in their daily lives, now you and your furry friend can meet new buds along the way.

While it seems like meeting friends can be tough these days, with these apps, finding friends is now made easy!



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