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Welcome, Spring 2021!

Welcome, Spring 2021!

Spring 2021 equinox was on Saturday, March 20. Normally, spring in Texas means festivals, flowers, and last winter’s crops are now ripening. We’ll see how spring in Austin, TX will look and go over some spring tips.


 Spring 2021 Outlook

Hints of pre-Covid life are starting to appear. Businesses are operating at full capacity and concerts are coming back. Will Austin have its usual spring festivals? Yes! You can attend smaller-scale festivals, such as market days. There won’t be the usual amount of festivals. Also, these events are social-distancing friendly. So, they’re either outside or restricting the number of patrons. However, fun times are ahead and big events are coming up! Reggaefest, Crawfish fest, and the infamous Tequila, Tacos, and Cerveza festival will all be here this year.  ACL will return in October/November. It’s good to see Austin back to normal! The rest of Texas is returning back to pre-COVID operations as well.


Spring Tips

This season, we recommend growing bee-friendly flowers and plants! In order to save the bees, plant purple flowers. They can see purple the best. Also, plant flowers with open petals where bees can easily access the pollen. Bees love lavender, single dahlias, alliums, crab apples, and honeysuckle. Read here for more bee-friendly flowers and herbs. Also, why not try growing your own seasonings? It’s fresher and more potent than store-bought seasoning, as well as more affordable. Try growing parsley, cilantro, basil, mint, and rosemary.

Support your local farmers at the farmer’s market! Aside from fresh, quality produce, you can buy seeds and starter plants from them. You can learn a lot from your local farmers, such as salad ideas and proper ways to store produce.

Don’t forget to prep your home for warmer weather! Clean your chimney and close your fireplace. Then, check the attic to make sure your vents are still good and there are no leaks. If any repairs need to be done, now is the time. Now is also a good time to tint your windows.


We’re happy spring is here! Texas wildflowers are blooming, and the butterflies are back. It’s the perfect time to explore the great outdoors before it gets to be 100 degrees outside. Please remember to respect our land and do not trample flowers/ crops. The snowstorm in February inhibited some blooms, so please allow for recovery. Otherwise, welcome back, spring! We can’t wait to get outside!


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