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What Are Desktop Apps?

What Are Desktop Apps?

Apps- they’re not just for your phone or tablet. Many websites will encourage you to download their app on all of your devices. But, why would you download a desktop app when you can just go to the website? Perhaps we can offer an explanation.

Desktop Apps

If you use your computer a lot, especially for work, you might want to install some desktop applications to keep everything organized. And, it’ll be easier to keep track of your downloads and files. Downloading the app version of a website is convenient- push notifications for sales, easily edit your cart/files, and can be personalized. In other words, the website is the standard default for everyone, but the app is your version of the site. The best (and perhaps one of the first) examples is Microsoft Office. You can access Word and all the other Office features on the website, but isn’t the app much preferable? We talked about notifications- this is one of the most important aspects of desktop applications. Platforms such as Slack require notifications. So, if you always have about 50 tabs open and can’t figure out which one that notification ding came from, now you will know. Another advantage is easier sharing- send a file directly to someone without hassling with e-mail.

Of course, if you don’t frequent to a site very often, then don’t worry about downloading the app (at least not on your computer). But, if you don’t want to miss out on important messages or hot sales, then we recommend getting on that app store. It will make things so much easier- trust us, we’re the (desktop) apps people.

Thank you for reading, and h-app-y holidays!


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