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What Are Widgets and How To Use Them

What Are Widgets and How To Use Them

Widgets are a relatively new feature on iPhones and Samsung. It allows users to customize their home screen and apps. So, if you haven’t gotten around to using them yet, here’s some info.


What Are Widgets

An example of widgets on an iPhone

Basically, this feature will organize apps, or you can change how the app icon functions. So, instead of having the usual app icon, the app could have its own section on your smartphone. The best part about this function is that the widget will display the app itself as if it were open. Or, it will display categories of the app. This way, you can easily access whatever part of the app you need. In order to make this more clear, we’ll use Weather Channel as an example. Traditionally, you’d have to open the app to view the weather. But now, the location’s weather is displayed on the homepage instead. Just tap to update. You can also swipe to view other saved location’s weather. Therefore, you can access all necessary information without having to open the app. Oh, and users can set them up to change throughout the day or at certain times.

We recommend using the widget for your most-used apps, such as messaging apps, photos, music, and e-mail. Being able to display personal notes, calendars, and reminders is a life-saver. You can customize the size of the widget and the layout. Another good one is clocks- change the style of your phone’s clock. This way, it’ll be easier to choose backgrounds without app icons covering them up. Here is some more information on the neat little feature for iPhones and for Samsung. With this feature, you can get creative with your home screen layout. Let us know what you think of widgets!


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