Investor Pitch

Competitor Analysis will research your competing apps and discover their target audience, customer base size, quarterly earnings, and more.

ROI Research will research your competitors’ ROI methods and use them as a basis for your apps quarterly projections.

Quarterly Projections will estimate 1-3 years of quarterly projections and financial growth for your app.

Group Survey will run a survey for 100 participants of your target demographics to ensure they are interested in your app, and discover their levels of involvement and purchase habits to convince investors there is a viable audience.

Mobile App Trends Research will create a document that details past, current, and future trends for the mobile app gaming industry.

AR Trends Research will create a document that details past, current, and future trends for the AR industry.

Deck Creation Formats will provide 3 formats of your investor pitch document: PowerPoint, Prezi, and a Video Overview.

Custom Reporting will provide reports on all of the above information when possible to ensure that the customer knows the success of the package and has evidence of the work paid for.


With combined experience of over 20 years, we will work hand-in-hand to design, develop and promote our client’s apps. This option is designed to ensure our client’s apps are successful from beginning to end.

Leveraging a deep technical acumen & highly refined development processes, we provide an ultra rapid & cost effective mobile app delivery cycle, a key success factor in such a rapidly evolving mobile market place. Our team has consulted and developed over 400+ apps, not only in the United States but throughout the world including Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Apps Made Successful

Downloads & Growing Daily

Features on Major Media Sites



“Shopgate was designed for retailers of all sizes to create, maintain and optimize exceptional mobile shopping experiences.”

Backspin Music Player

“Backspin is a fast and easy-to-use music player for making fast, custom playlists.”

icon175x175Dreamstime Photography

“Earn cash for doing what you love: taking pictures! Sell your photos on Dreamstime – the leading stock photography community.”


Our clients have been featured in numerous high profile media outlets and websites.

We have the perfect packaged plan to get your app noticed!

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