App Launch Plan

We Provide Marketing Support in Every Way Needed to Drive Downloads

Cost Effective Six Month Campaign

Do you have a brand new app that will be ready for launch soon? Want to get a substantial amount of downloads right from the start? Then our Launch Package is just what you need to get the ball rolling. Our exclusive Launch Package is specifically designed for new apps, so they can maximize their download potential with incentivized ads, social media campaigns, custom reporting and other important tools of a launch campaign.

Launching your app is the most important part of your app campaign. Utilize our services to ensure that your launch is as successful as it possibly can be. With our Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch packages, your conversion rates will dramatically increase as you witness a sharp rise in downloads after your app launch. Each one of these packages is specifically designed for its its timeliness and direct impact on your download site.

Timeline: 6 months
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Length: 1 Month

  • Market Research
  • Pre-Launch to Tech Influencers
  • Keyword Research
  • App Description Writing
  • App Monetization Strategy
  • Implementing SDKs and Analytics
  • Social Media Sites Setup
  • Pre-Launch Press Release
  • FREE Custom Campaign Reporting


Length: 1 Month

  • Announcement to Influencers
  • Outreach to PR Database of 1.4 Million
  • Social Media Updates & Monitoring
  • Creative Social Media Campaigns
  • In-app & Mobile Ad Management
  • App Store Optimization
  • Launch Press Release
  • Launch Mobile Ad Campaign
  • FREE Custom Campaign Reporting


Length: 4 Months

  • Campaign Optimization
  • Description Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Cont. PR Outreach
  • Social Media Campaign
  • New Features Request & Development
  • Outreach to 300+ Reviewers
  • Creative PR Material Release
  • FREE Custom Campaign Reporting

More Details About Our Launch Package Services

Utilizing these necessary tools, our Launch Packages will maximize your downloads right from the start.

Social Media – To protect your app’s brand and set the foundation for social media campaigns, our Social Media Setup program secures your brand name over hundreds of sites and creates custom designs for your social media pages. For our Launch campaign, we’ll go the extra yard and update your social media sites with news posts and other info to keep your audience engaged. We’ll also monitor what others are saying about your app on other social media sites, answer questions, and keep a positive spin on anything that mentions your app.

Press Releases – We create, optimize and send your press releases out to thousands of interested media companies, review sites and bloggers who will get your app international mentions and recognition all over the web. Our clients have experienced expansive coverage with our press release campaigns, which lead to immediate conversions in downloads.

Campaign and Description Optimization – To fully enhance your app’s presence, we optimize every aspect for keyword and term search. This includes the description of your app on various outlets, such as iTunes, press releases, and many more.

App Store Optimization (ASO) – To enhance your app’s visibility, functionality, and app store search results we’ll provide an extensive ASO audit so you can make the necessary changes to your app and maximize its app store optimization.

PR – We do more than just send out press releases, we personally contact industry specialists who will pick up our releases and repost them on well-known and popular websites. Check out our portfolio! Our clients have been featured in Fox Business News, The New York Times and many other noteworthys media outlets.

Advertising – We have a host of advertising options to choose from to ensure that your app gets in front of the right people by the thousands. With Burst advertising, In-App, Mobile, Incentive-based ads or a combination, our customized ad programs are designed to get the most bang for your buck, and we only charge a 18% management fee.