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5 Apps We’re Thankful For

5 Apps We’re Thankful For

The holiday season is upon us.  Thanksgiving is days aways and we’ve selected the must have apps to kick off your holiday season just right. 

In the Kitchen

Leave it to Food Network to launch the top rated recipe app out there.  With In the Kitchen, not only do you have access to over 70,000 recipes from of the Food Network’s celebrity chefs, but you are also able to save and share recipes with friends and family without leaving the app. You can watch videos, receive notifications, and more.  The best part about this app is you are able to save recipe ingredients from the app directly into the Notes App on your phone making grocery shopping just a little less hectic.  


Whether you are channeling Julia Child in the kitchen or enjoying time around the table having the perfect glass of wine is a must.  With HelloVino, you don’t have to be a sommelier to get the job done.  Like many of the wine apps out there, HelloVino has the label scanner and the ability to track your favorites, but the best part of this app is you can type into the app what you will be having for dinner this Thanksgiving and it will recommend the best wine to dine with.  


No matter how well you plan out your recipes, there is always an item that you end up forgetting.  It’s always when the turkey is in the oven and you can’t just jet out to the store quickly.  Instacart is the app to help.  Getting groceries delivered to you is easy and the best part is that it’s quick. You are able to shop at your local stores, chat with your shopper, view nutritional info, and have access to coupons, all from the app. 

Conversation Shaker

Sitting around the table with relatives that you see once a year can be a little nerve wracking.  Take charge of the chit chat with Conversation Shaker.  You can find conversation starters by topic, occasion, or feel like “warm and fuzzies”.  There are over 100 conversation starters in the free version.  If that’s not enough, upgrading to a premium version for 900 additional topics is an option.  So now, you don’t have to listen to Uncle Vernon tell the same story he’s told every Thanksgiving for the last 10 years!  

Black Friday 2018 Ads Shopping

Come Friday some of us are still going to be in a tryptophan induced coma and others will be camping out at stores by 4 am for Black Friday.  Remember to work, or in this case shop, smarter not harder.  With Black Friday 2018 Ads Shopping, you can access to leaked Black Friday Ads.  You will also be able to browse different categories and stores from electronics to home decor to clothing and more.  The best part is that you can track certain sales and receive notifications if they change or are updated.  

Hopefully, these apps will help eliminate some of the Thanksgiving stress and get you to enjoying your time with family and friends.  From all of us at, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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