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A Green Age Brings All-Natural Business Trends

A Green Age Brings All-Natural Business Trends

Businesses have to keep up with an ever-changing world in order to appeal to all generations. Nowadays, there’s a lot of social aspects to keep in mind when running a business. One is the demand for all-natural products and packaging. Read about how it’s taking over businesses.

The Age of All-Natural

Once people started raising awareness about how harmful plastic straws are to our Earth, that started an environmental movement to move away from single-use plastic. Then, it evolved to demanding for plant-based ingredients in beauty and household products. Lastly, ethical business practices started getting attention. Today, more consumers expect their items to be all-natural. This means either plant-based ingredients, made from previously recycled products, and sustainable resourcing (making sure native peoples and plants are not compromised). On top of that, these eco-friendly shoppers also want ec0-friendly packaging- sorry bubble wrap, you did your job well and you’re fun to pop, but you gotta go.

There are ways you can turn your business into a green business. Remember, try to take this one step at a time to not get overwhelmed. Start with easier steps, like sustainable packaging. This includes plastic-free tape, previously recycled cardboard, and carbon-neutral shipping.  Look at Nifty Nerdy Company for an example. One of our staff members went to Earth Burger yesterday, and their condiment cups are biodegradable! Also, bamboo is a key factor to making your business more eco-friendly. This includes bamboo containers and packaging items. As you go along, you will notice more items to swap out for a more sustainable option.


The demand for all-natural products will only continue to rise. You can follow handy tip pages on Facebook and Instagram. So, get on board and watch your audience grow! Also, the Earth will thank you for it, too.

Let us know if you have any eco-friendly business hacks! We love hearing from our followers.


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