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Apple Introduces iOS 11. What Does This Mean for You?

Apple recently announced that big changes are coming to the operating systems of its iPhones and iPads. Apple’s newest update, iOS 11, is set to premier this upcoming Fall. You might be wondering, what is so special about this new update?  Say no more. We have compiled a list of some of the new features that Apple has introduced. Most importantly, we show how each of these features will make YOUR life easier and more efficient.


  • Siri Gets a Makeover

If you thought Siri was already a genius, get ready for what’s in store. The personal assistant will take its capabilities to another level, including guessing your future requests and needs based on things you have already asked it to do. For example, it will suggest certain songs, articles, and websites to look at based on your past requests. Siri will also be given a different, less-robotic voice. Siri’s voice, which comes in both male and female options, will have more of a human touch.

  • Do Not Disturb while Driving

With iOS 11, your iPhone will have the option to automatically block any messages/notifications sent to your phone if it thinks you are driving. Your phone will send out an automated text message saying you are driving and will respond when you get to your destination. You can customize the settings so some numbers will not be blocked if you are driving, in case you really need to get through to a family member, co-worker, or friend. At first, this may be frustrating as so many people hate the feeling of having unchecked notifications and messages. But, since so many people use iPhones, we will soon hopefully end up getting used to this and stop using our phones while driving once and for all.

  • Brand New App Store

Through iOS 11, the App Store will be seeing its biggest transformation since being created. Apple has included multiple new features, all centered on making the experience easier and more convenient for the user. The App Store will now include different tabs including the Today tab, the Apps tab, and the Games tab. These tabs provide users with useful information. For example, the Today tab will include insights from editors giving the latest feedback on newsworthy apps.  Another cool feature is that the new app store will include tips and tricks for features in different apps. This way, before even downloading an app, users will be able to learn how to easily use the app. This transformation of the App Store also opens up the door for many individuals who want their app to be discovered.

  • Customizable Control Center

The customizable control center, the little section that comes up when you scroll up on the iPhone, will change dramatically. Instead of a scroll-up small section, the control center will not have its own colorful page with several widgets. It is up to you, the user, what widgets you would like to have appear on your page.

  • One-handed Keyboard

Have you ever had grocery bags, a cup of hot coffee, your baby, or any other object in one hand and tried to text with just your other hand? It can be tough sometimes, as not all of our fingers can stretch across the iPhone screen and manage to press the right button. Been there, done that. As part of their update, Apple will introduce a new keyboard setting that shifts the letters on the keyboard closer to one side, making it easier to text with just one hand. This may seem like a small change, but it will dramatically affects the everyday lives of users.

  • ‘Offload Unused Apps’

Have you ever been at a concert, wedding, on vacation, or in the midst of a ‘Kodak moment’ wanting to take pictures on your phone but this error comes up: “Cannot Take Photo. There is not enough available storage to take a photo. You can manage your storage in Settings.” Or how about when you want to download an app, movie, or song and this comes up: “Cannot Download. There is not enough storage….” yeah we get it. In order to make the user experience less arduous, Apple has included a new feature in the update called ‘Offload Unused Apps’. What this does is automatically delete any apps that you rarely use in order to maintain a good amount of storage space on your phone. You can turn this option on or off in Settings. Your phone will hold onto any data associated with the deleted app, so if you want to re-install it, you can just tap the gray icon and everything will go back to normal.

  • Apple Pay via iMessage

iOS 11 users will now be able to send and receive money on Apple Pay through iMessage. This is useful for paying a friend back for food, gas, movie tickets, or practically anything else. When you receive the money, you can keep it in your Apple Pay account and use it to purchase from anywhere that accepts Apple Pay, or you can transfer it back into your bank account. Pretty much, this is Venmo for iOS 11 users. Venmo is very common amongst young adults since it allows you to pay somebody with the tap of a finger. However, the iOS 11 update makes this even more convenient by including a similar feature in an app that we use multiple times a day, iMessage.


Overall, this is one of the biggest updates in Apple’s history. As mentioned earlier, the main focus of this update seems to be simplifying the user experience. Through new additions and Siri’s makeover, this update will be the most convenient one yet, and will certainly set the stage for future updates and operating systems.



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