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On Tuesday, July 17th the Appspire production team began filming for the upcoming Barton Springs documentary, which coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Austin Water Quality Protection Lands (WQPL) program. According to, the purpose of this program is to “acquire land in fee title and conservation easement in the Barton Springs contributing and recharge zone to provide for the conservation and maintain the safety of part of the City’s water supply”. The documentary in question aims to tell the story of how this wild idea came to be, with an emphasis on the many people who made it happen and fought in the name of Austin’s environmental well-being.

Over the past few days, our team has welcomed a variety of conservation superstars on set for the interview portion of the film. Participants range from director of Austin Water and Master Naturalist Greg Meszaros to local cave expert and aquifer authority Peter Sprouse. So far, we’ve been engrossed by stories involving treacherous underground expeditions, impassioned grassroots protests against power-hungry developers, and mountain biking in the name of Mother Nature – just to name a few.

In meeting with these persons, it’s become exuberantly clear that the city of Austin owes endless thanks to the unrelenting selflessness of the WQPL team and its constituents – without them, the one-of-a-kind gem that is Barton Springs would surely be lost to a flurry of pollutants and developmental obstructions.

As of yet, the documentary still has a ways to go before being released to general audiences. There remains a number of biomes to explore and footage to capture in order to properly evoke the intricacies of Barton Springs’ past, present and future. The goal of this project is to raise awareness for the ongoing fight to preserve the integrity of Austin’s wildlife, which is as important a mission as it is never-ending.

General audiences can expect a mid-October release for the Barton Springs documentary, with an exciting assortment of updates along the way from and company.


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