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Best Tacos of South Austin

Best Tacos of South Austin

In a week, thousands of people will be flocking to Austin for the start of SXSW.  Hotels fill up, parking becomes scarce, and people are hungry.  The one thing on everybody’s mind besides the hustle and bustle of SXSW:  Where are the best tacos in Austin?

While there are differing opinions as to who has the best tacos, there is certainly no shortage of tacos in this town.  Here are some of our favorites:



Located in South Austin, Papalote is a local taco spot.  With two locations, and a delightful selection of tacos that are unique like their cauliflower cake tacos or turkey mole tacos.  If you’re in search for something a little more traditional, their pastor and lengua tacos are nothing to turn your nose up at. 


El Primo

The food truck scene in Austin is beyond exceptional, without a doubt. But El Primo gets props for being one of the original food trucks in town.  Tucked away in a parking lot on South First, El Primo has been serving up tacos from their family-owned cart for 15 years. 



If you’ve visited Texas before chances are you’ve heard of Torchy’s.  Originating from a food truck, this now Texas chain serves up consistently delicious taco treats all across the Lonestar State.  Besides their regular menu of tacos and loaded up guacamole, Torchy’s also offers up a special Taco of the Month.  Mmmm.


Vera Cruz All Natural

This woman-owned business shows what persistence and a knack for all things natural can get you.  Originally, a juice trailer, Vera Cruz has now blossomed into 5 locations in Austin and Round Rock, recognized by the Food Network as offering up 1 of 5 of the best tacos in the country, and it’s fair to say their Al Pastor may be the best in town. 


Maria’s Taco Xpress

Have you heard the phrase “Keep Austin Weird”? Well, Maria’s does just that.  It’s eclectic, eccentric, and the epitome of South Austin.  With knick knacks and countless pictures of celebrity visitors on the brightly colored walls, Maria’s offers nothing but home cooked tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Burnt out on tacos?  That’s ok, they have appetizers, entrees, and even flan for dessert.  For the ultimate taste of local flavors, make sure to get there for Hippie Gospel Brunch on Sunday mornings!


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