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Boat With Me App Officially Launches in iTunes and Google Play

Our coolest client for the summer has officially launched their app, Boat With Me!

Whether you’re a boat owner wanting to share the experience with boating enthusiasts, or you
are the person who seeks excitement out on the water but does not own or have access to a
boat, Austin based Cofounders Ryan Ostrom and Kyle Greenfield make the connection with
yesterday’s much anticipated launch of their clever mobile app Boat with Me.

Boat with me is like “ride-sharing on the water” creating a social network for the boating
community by matching boat owners and passengers based on their interests. This app is
particularly useful in a place like Austin, Texas where during hot summers a lot of people seek
to cool off with activities on the water, such as boating. Boat with Me makes it possible to link up
with those who share the same interest directly from your phone.

Now you can download the app free of charge via the iTunes store and google play, easily
following the prompts to set up your profile as either captain or passenger. Plug in your interests
and start creating or searching for scheduled trips in your area. For example: If you create your
profile as the boat owner aka captain and you are looking for a crew to hop on board with you
for let’s say a fishing trip, you can schedule and post your trip on Boat with Me to match with
people interested in joining your trip. With an in-app messaging system you can now
communicate and coordinate details with your crew, such as who’s bringing drinks and snacks
or what to pitch in for fuel etc.

From the perspective of the passenger interested in joining a trip, you create your profile in a
similar fashion by listing your interests, a brief description of yourself and/or anything regarding
the type of boating experience you are looking for. Start searching scheduled trips in your area
and chat with captains and other passengers/crew to get you out on the water.

Boat with Me creates a personal connection bridging the gap between boat
owner and passenger making the experience more accessible for both. What kind of experience
you are looking for is entirely up to you. If you would like to partake in a trip involving
watersports, or you’re the owner of a sailboat looking for a crew, you can customize your profile
that best suits you.
Boat with me provides a great opportunity to make new friends on the water!


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