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Common Social Media Mistakes of Rookie Marketers

Common Social Media Mistakes of Rookie Marketers

Hey rookie marketers, are you transitioning and maturing into a professional marketer?  Then, remember there are some tell-tale signs that a social media post was likely created by a new marketer. That being said, it takes time to transition into the marketing industry and develop your craft. If you are a rookie marketer, there are some basic rules of thumbs and common mistakes to avoid. Or, if you are an experienced marketer that needs a refresher, we break three of the biggest rules down.


Copying Others

When you are inexperienced, you instinctively want to turn to the Internet for ideas and guidance. Then, you see something that looks good and do the same thing on your company’s website and social media. It’s okay to draw inspiration from other companies, but make your content your own! Potential clients want companies that have a mind of their own and are competent enough to create their own content. Worse, you could be copying your competitors. Your company can’t stand out if it looks like every other website!


Inconsistent Content

People like routines. Just like how you look forward to the next episode of your favorite show every week, regular readers expect certain posts on certain days. Also, while they don’t want to read the same article over and over, keep your text and media within the same theme. They are on your website for certain topics, it’s up to you to not change the supply on the demand. And abruptly changing your theme, without a transition could confuse your audience.


Broad vs. Specific

When you advertise and promote, you want to highlight your company without giving everything away. There is a fine line between explaining what the company is about to over-sharing and now the reader has no need to go check out the main website. However, if your statement could be applied to anywhere else, then be more specific. The goal is to persuade the reader to go with your company, so don’t be too general!


The Final Guideline for Rookie Marketers

Finally, this may seem obvious but maintain professional diction and presence. You are representing your company, and it’s your responsibility to reassure that their services are in reliable and knowledgeable hands. Always double-check your work and look over it again with a fresh state of mind. When people start drawing inspiration from you, you know you are no longer a rookie marketer.

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