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How Working From Home Has Changed Our Routines

How Working From Home Has Changed Our Routines

Without a doubt, the pandemic affected everyone. We try to focus on the positive aspects of our new normal, hoping we can return back to our old normal. However, some routines will likely be here to stay. Here are some ways working and school at home has bonded families even closer.

With everyone at home, individual routines have evolved into family routines. Most have the option to choose their own working hours, lining up with the rest of the household’s work hours. This allows breakfast, lunch, and dinner to be enjoyed together as a family, and group exercise for moral support.  While siblings are probably temporarily getting on each other’s last nerves, the pandemic can bring families closer permanently.

A benefit of working from home is that spending less time in the school/work commute has freed up some time. Conversely, I largely used that drive to/from work for mental preparation and wind-down. Also, lots of random planning. Now, planners are becoming more common as people start to feel the need to establish structure in their lives. Planners allow folks to organize the things they have to do, perhaps work-related or what needs to be fixed around the house.


Morning Routines

For morning people, now is the time to do the most crucial activities in the morning. Now that people have more free time before work, you can see more 7 AM joggers and people actually making breakfast in the morning. Morning productivity can help with overall mood and is great for mental health. This article explains more in-depth about how routines reduce stress. However, don’t feel guilty for taking the day off. Pandemic or not, we all need a refreshing lazy day every once in a while.

Hobbies are also being incorporated into daily routines. Set aside time in the evenings to wind down from busy mornings with a book or doing a little crafting.


Eating Habits

Another way that working from home has affected us is our diet. More time at home has inspired many to start cooking and making their own coffee. Staying at home can really save money, allowing for a bigger budget for a post-COVID vacation. By cooking, we find ourselves getting used to food being made to personal preference and may not want to go out anymore!


How has your routine changed since the pandemic? It’s important to maintain awareness in what’s changing in our daily routines and how it’s impacting us, then adjusting. Did you pick up any new habits, like reading or exercising? Let us know in the comments! From the team at, have a fun and safe weekend!


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