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Industry Leaders making Boss Moves

Industry Leaders making Boss Moves

There is no question that Amazon is changing the way consumers shop and engage with their favorite brands and stores. People love that their favorite products are a click away and then delivered directly to them. In the past 2 weeks, Amazon has made 2 major announcements that will change the way consumers can use their services.

The first announcement is that Amazon will finally be coming to Apple TV. This is a ground-breaking deal between these tech giants who are typically competing for customers time. It seems they have settled their differences as Apple CEO, Tim Cook, announced the stunning partnership at the 2017 WWDC keynote on June 5, although he did not mention the exact date the app would be available. Users will now be able to access their favorite Amazon award-winning originals though Apple TV as easily as Netflix and HBO. There has not been an exact number released that shows what this deal was worth but we can only assume it was pricy after years of discussion. Imagine being a fly on the wall during that paramount negotiation.

The second announcement came today when Amazon announced that it is buying Whole foods for $13.7 BILLION in cash. Amazon has been trying for years to become a leader in the food industry. They have been pushing to expand their online grocery business, seeing it as an emerging opportunity. Millennials are the biggest group of consumers to use online grocery shopping and as this demographic starts to get married and have children they will be increasing their grocery spending. It is already known that millennials are obsessed with convenience so Whole Foods is a good compliment to Amazon which allows them to more aggressively target grocery shopping.

“This partnership presents an opportunity to maximize value for Whole Foods Market’s shareholders, while at the same time extending our mission and bringing the highest quality, experience, convenience and innovation to our customers,” said Whole Foods’ CEO, John Mackey.

With Amazon making huge strides to establish themselves as a technology leader, it’s exciting to embrace the possibilities. Customers will soon be able to watch their favorite shows and shop for groceries all though the Amazon app easily and conveniently available on Apple TV.


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