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Introducing Love for Sports!

Introducing Love for Sports!

There are thirteen seconds left in the game, the score is tied, and BOOM! TOUCHDOWN! Your favorite team just scored off of a thirty-eight-yard pass. You jump up and down continuously, celebrating the victory. You run around your one-bedroom apartment like a hooligan, celebrating amongst yourself. Your phone rings. The screen reads “three new Snapchat notifications”. You check your Snapchat, and all three are from your friends celebrating the big win with their significant others. One was even at the game.

Has this ever happened to you? Okay, maybe not this exact situation. But have you ever felt lonely while all of your friends are out experiencing the world with their partners? Are you a big sports fan? The die-hard type? Tired of celebrating touchdowns and three-pointers alone? Well, you don’t have to be alone anymore.

You deserve someone special. Someone who loves sports just like you.

Introducing our latest rockstar client, Love for Sports. LFSis is an innovative app that allows you to find singles who are also sports’-minded like yourself. This isn’t just a dating app. Love for Sports allows you to connect with friends and other fans of your favorite teams. This is the perfect app for planning tailgates. You can share photos and details regarding upcoming events. You can even locate fans just like yourself. The app also includes in-app purchases, such as Super Messages, which allows users to send messages to one another before they even connect! The app is currently available in the iTunes App Store. Students who go to the following Houston colleges will be able to use the app: Houston Baptist University, Houston Community College, Prairie View A&M University, Rice University, Sam Houston State University, San Jacinto College, Texas Southern University, University of Houston.

The app was officially launched this week, just days before the Super Bowl, one of the biggest sporting events of the year. An article describing the launch was published this morning on The Houston Chronicle. William Griffin, who is a co-founder of Love for Sports, is a keen sports fan himself, so he knows how die-hard fans feel.

Sports are universal. They bring people together. So, the next time your team scores and you want to celebrate, it won’t have to be alone.


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