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Our Picks for the Best Holiday Travel Apps

Our Picks for the Best Holiday Travel Apps

In our Top Holiday Apps of 2017 blog we covered a wide range of phone applications meant to make your life easier this holiday season. We added a few travel-focused apps, but the headache related to travel is so huge, it deserves its own blog. Driving down long stretches of unfamiliar highway can be a headache when you encounter unexpected traffic and don’t know the location of your next fill-up spot or pit stop. Trying to navigate a crowded airport gives even the savviest of travelers a headache without the right help. Without the right structure, a dream vacation abroad can turn into a nightmare. With these apps, relieve your holiday travel headaches and make the most of your holiday vacation planning.

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you’ll be hitting the road this holiday season. RoadTrippers finds you something to look forward to on your long drive by finding interesting stops like historic sites, scenic spots, museums, and more. Waze, the classic GPS app operating on user-generated input, shows users the fastest routes to their destination based on traffic and roadblocks reported in real-time by their 50 million users. If you’re concerned with paying too much for gas or even running out, use GasBuddy to find stations with the best prices on fuel in the US and Canada. Link your GasBuddy app with iExit to find pit stops located near major highway exits on your route, including restaurants, hotels, and even the nearest Cracker Barrel. With these helpful apps, your next road trip can be as fun as reaching your destination.

Even the most experienced flyers can get frazzled this time of year without the right help. If you’re still looking for flights, Hopper will notify you via push notification when the cheapest options for your flight home go on sale. Use Hopper’s companion app, GTFO (cleverly named Get The Flight Out) to find the cheapest last-minute flight and avoid being overcharged. Once your flight has been booked, TripAdvisor’s companion app GateGuru will help you connect the dots on your trip itinerary organizing everything from gate locations and flight boarding times to airport amenities near the gates and booking a rental car at your destination terminal, all in one convenient app. If you’re in for a long trip, use LoungeBuddy to purchase lounge area access at 500 airports for a secluded area to unwind, charge your devices, and even shower between or after flights. Air flight doesn’t have to be a hassle – these apps will have you on the next flight out in style.

There’s no place like home for the holidays… but Paris isn’t so bad this time of year. If you’re looking for a trip abroad – or at least, a non-traditional holiday getaway – use these apps to get you where you want to go. If harsh winters have you dreaming of sunny beaches, book a last-minute cruise with iCruise and you could be spending Christmas on a luxury cruise liner at sea. If you’re heading overseas for the winter break, use AirBnB to book a room in one of 191 countries and experience the holiday season like a local anywhere you end up. If you’re traveling on short notice and didn’t have time to book a room, Hotel Tonight will find you a last-minute room in your destination city. Find things to do and share photos and experiences on the Jet Journal travel app, and check out suggested destinations from other travelers. A vacation abroad is the best way to unwind at the end of a long year, and these apps make planning a memorable vacation a breeze.

The key to easy travel is planning, and all of these apps offer solutions for frazzled travelers. Driving is less of a hassle with traffic updates and pit stop suggestions. Airports and air travel are a breeze to navigate with the help of booking and travel itinerary apps. Seeing a new country is a unique way to spend your holiday season, and knowing where to go and stay is easy with the right tools. With these apps, you may even look forward to the journey this year, not just your destination.


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