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The 5 Essential Apps for This Election Season

With election season just around the corner, you won’t want to miss these five great apps to help you navigate everything from polling locations to the ballot box.

The Voting App – Represent! TX by ThinkVoting

Before you can go to the polls, you’ll have to register to vote. Thankfully, this handy tool comes with a built in feature that allows you to fill out your voter registration card, so all you have to do is print it out and mail it in. Furthermore, The Voting App has tons of non-partisan candidate information, including a downloadable version of the League of Women Voters Voter’s Guide, so you can read up on all the candidates before you hit the ballot box.

Available for free download on iPhone and Android.

Settle It! PolitiFact’s Argument Ender

Ever wonder if a candidate really stands by what they say? With this app, you don’t have to anymore. Settle It! allows you to instantly fact check your potential elected-representatives by searching name and subject matter. What’s more, the app lets you check Truth-O-Meter ratings for each candidate, easing your worries as you decide who to vote for.

Available for free download on iPhone and Android.


Brigade allows you to take your civic participation to the next level. This non-partisan app provides grades for each of your representatives so you can how they’ve voted on the issues that matter most to you before you decide whether you want to reelect them. Other features include updates from campaign leaders and recommendations for campaigns that align with your values.

Available for free download on iOS and Android.


This app, made by one of America’s most popular independent political sites, contains news from a multitude of media outlets, so you can read through the issues at stake and decide for yourself how you want to vote. Other features include commentary and polling data, as well as the ability to sort news by issue.

Available for free download on iOS and Android.


Politico has long been a trusted outlet in political news. This easy-to-use app allows users to access news, opinion columns, and more regarding key issues in the 2018 election. Even better, you can download articles for offline reading, so it’s always available for viewing on the go.

 Available for free download for iPhone and Android.


Dates to Remember:

Register to vote by: October 9th

Early voting: October 22nd-November 2nd

Election day: November 6th


See you at the polls!



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