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Zoom Faces Legal Action

Zoom Faces Legal Action

In early December, you might have received an e-mail about a Zoom settlement. It wasn’t spam mail- it’s true. Zoom is now facing legal consequences for compromising personal data. If you didn’t open the e-mail or get it, here’s the deets.

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Zoom Faces Legal Action

On December 1, 2021, the Zoom class action lawsuit became available to the public. Thousands received an e-mail about possibly being entitled to a cash settlement. The platform is now undergoing trial due to misuse of personal data and Zoombombing. Zoombombing is when an uninvited 3rd party hacks into the video conference, usually revealing disturbing content. Therefore, users are pointing fingers at Zoom for not taking more preventive measures. Usually, to join a Zoom call, you enter the meeting code, then a password. However, intruders still find their way in. Along with uninvited Zoom guests, the company is also being accused of violating California and federal privacy laws. These laws protect users’ personal data, such as e-mail addresses. However, Zoom violated this by selling personal data to third parties. Many platforms have been guilty of selling personal information to third parties, such as Facebook.

So far, Zoom is denying these allegations. The company and all parties involved agreed to settle the matter outside of court. The final hearing will take place April 2022. The class-action lawsuit is worth $85 million.


Zoom Settlement

So, between sharing personal data and Zoombombing, Zoom is in some hot water. As of 2021, Zoom saw approx 300 million users daily.  If you used Zoom anytime between March 30, 2016 to June 30, 2021, you could receive a cash settlement. To file your claim, look for the e-mail from the Settlement Administration. In there, you can read more about it and find your claim number.

Remember, be careful on the Internet. Third parties and the dark web look for personal data!


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