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Apple Affected By Supply Shortage

Apple Affected By Supply Shortage

If you were thinking about getting a new Macbook or iPad, you might have to wait a while. And by that, we mean a few months. Apple is now dealing with the global supply shortage.


 Apple and the Supply Shortage

So far, Apple has fared well through the chip shortage because they have their own manufacturing system. But now, more materials are seeing a lack in supply worldwide. So, they announced that they would be cutting back on iPad and Macbook manufacturing. This is so that they can have enough chips to meet the iPhone 13 demand. Hopefully, things will be up and running after the next quarter, though. If you try to get one of the two now, it may not come until early next year. Apple will say that it won’t arrive until May-July 2022, but experts think that they are exaggerating a little. However, it is unknown how long this chip/supply shortage will last.

We will keep a close eye on this and see how well they hold up throughout this supply hiccup. Because they make their own A15 chip, we think that they’ll be okay. All things get better with a bit of time and patience. During this time, we recommend sticking with your current device. Also, because of the shortage, prices have been going up. But, things will likely calm down as our workforce shifts back to normal. Stay tuned for updates!

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