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Apple Expanding In Austin

Apple Expanding In Austin

Apple has recently made their announcement that they will be adding a new campus here in Austin.  While their current facility on Parmer Lane currently employs 6,000 employees, the new 133 acre campus will add an additional 5,000 with expectations of expanding to 15,000 employees.  This would make Apple the largest private employer in the state of Texas.

The new campus will house departments such as engineering, research and development, operations, finance, and customer service.  Not only will Apple be creating more jobs, but they will be preserving 50 acres of open space and running the facility completely on renewable energy. 

What does this mean for Austin?

Austin is no stranger to the “Top Places to Live in the United States”.  In fact, this year it even sits at the top of the list at number one.  People from all over the world are moving here, because it is such a great place to live. And while we like to brag and boast, it’s hard not to notice the changes through out the city due to such rapid growth: an increase in traffic, housing prices skyrocketing, and an overall decline in Austin’s signature weirdness.   With the Apple adding 5,000+ jobs, these changes will most likely continue to worsen.

But on the upside, Apple bringing this many jobs to the city is not only good for its residents, but long term it will great for the economy of Austin and Texas. 


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