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New Year, New Goals: 4 Apps to Help

New Year, New Goals: 4 Apps to Help

New year, new goals. At this early time of the year, our motivation is at an all time high. For most, starting a new good habit or a new year’s resolution is not an issue.   However, we could all use some extra help with consistency and commitment for the next 11 and a half months.

To stay motivated, get yourself a little “mini assistant” that’ll provide you with tools and tips to achieve your goals. By little mini assistant we mean a mobile application. We have listed 4 mobile apps that will help you stay motivated.


Resolution: Financially Responsible/Smarter

Mini-Assistant: Qapital

Saving made easy with your specific goals in mind, Qapital’s mentality is “save happy, spend happy.” The app takes an IFTTT (if that then this) approach to help you see all the possibilities when you stick to your financial goals. Are you trying to Do something? Go somewhere? Get something? Pay off debts? With each goal attached to a rule such as “Round-Up Rule” or “Guilty Pleasure Rule”; you save money every time you spend and it kinda becomes fun!



Resolution: Healthy Eating

Mini-Assistant: Foodprint by Nutrino

Specifically made for diabetics to understand how every aspect of their day affects their blood glucose, Foodprint by Nutrino was further developed with tools to help anyone become healthier. Create a personal health profile and Nutrino will provide you with tailored recipes for your at-home meal prep, a comprehensive and customizable Meal Planner, Eat Out suggestions for healthy dishes from nearby restaurants, and informative tips that keep your health and fitness goals in mind. A highly personalized app that allows you to log food, exercise, water, sleep, and stress levels so it can learn about you and your habits.


Resolution: Travel More

Mini Assistant: Skyscanner

Skyscanner is an all-in-one travel app with flights, hotels and car rentals, all in one place. Travel smarter with our app by instantly searching, comparing and booking cheap flights, hotels and car rentals anytime, anywhere. Independent, unbiased and completely free, we find you the best deals in seconds. Book your next trip with our award-winning, easy to use app brought to you by the world’s travel search engine. Now available in over 31 languages. 


Resolution: Increase Productivity

Mini Assistant: Noisli

If you ever find yourself distracted by our surroundings while you work or study, Noisli is the app to help.  Noisli is improves your focus and boosts your productivity by letting you create a perfect blend of background sounds in order to drown out loud noises or break up those too quiet for comfort spaces. You can quickly access and play your favorite combos, use the timer for productivity sessions, utilize the master volume control, and have all your combos in sync. As a result, your increased productivity will start sounding like success this year.



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