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Apple’s DIY iPhone Repair Manual

Apple just announced that they are releasing their self-service plan. This plan acts as a DIY repair manual for iPhone. It will help folks who live in rural areas or cannot go into the store. Read more about it below.


 DIY Manual for iPhone.

In light of the supply shortage, smartphone repairs could take longer. Also, since smartphones aren’t as available, it is imperative to maintain your current phone. Apple’s self-service manual was previously only available for a select few, but now it will be available for everyone. If your iPhone is acting funny and restarting it is not helping, this guide will. The manual with tech support combined will assist people who aren’t as tech-savvy. It will significantly benefit independent phone repair shops, as they will no longer have to outsource for help. Additionally, Apple will also sell iPhone parts to you. Look for the DIY iPhone manual in early 2022. Apple will likely extend this guide to cover iPads and Macbooks as well. Read more about it here.

Thank you, Apple, for this huge help to your customers. Since we have to rely on our smartphones, we need to be able to fix them ourselves and quickly. Thank you for reading!

Let us know if you have any iPhone self-repair tips! We are constantly working on our own little Apple guide.


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