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Best Shopping Apps for Coupons and Deals

Best Shopping Apps for Coupons and Deals

No matter which holiday(s) you celebrate, it’s money spending season! We know the cost of food, festivities, and gifts can add up. So, we’ve made a list of apps that’ll help you save this shopping season.

Best Shopping Apps

Here are some apps for coupons, deals, and sales. Some of these will help you save on groceries. All are available for Apple App and Google Play Stores.

  • Groupon. It’s been around because you can find coupons and deals for random things. Such as, window tinting service.
  • Honey. Although available in an app, it’s best to install in your web browser. That way, it automatically scans for coupons as you shop. How handy is that?
  • SnipSnap. Along with coupons for restaurants and retail store, you can also take a photo of an item you’re eyeing. Then, SnipSnap will automatically peruse for the best price and coupons for the item. Winning!
  • Ibotta. You might’ve heard of this one as well. This app will give you cash back and reward points. Ideal for grocery shopping.
  • ShopSavvy. Like SnipSnap, ShopSavvy will also find the best deal on a specific item. ShopSavvy is good if you’re shopping for electronics.
  • Woot!. This one’s been around for a while as well, even before apps were a thing. Like Groupon, you can find the best daily deals on here. Amazon owns Woot!
  • For more daily deals, check out LivingSocial. Additionally, you can find travel deals on here.
  • DealNews. Efficiently shop stores or specific items.
  • DealCatcher, which is like DealNews. It’s a preference thing.

During this time when ads are flying around like crazy, here is a friendly reminder to shop smart and safely! Be wary of suspicious sales ads. Another great way to look for gifts is going thrifting and shopping local. Otherwise, happy shopping and happy holidays! Let us know which one of these apps you loved.


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