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Apps to Make Summer Travel Easier

Are Delta and COVID ruining your hot girl/boy summer? Don’t let it. These apps will help you travel with ease. From ridesharing to airports, including car rentals, here’s how to live your best life this summer.

Travel-Friendly Apps

First, car rentals are crazy right now. Make sure you secure a car reservation in advance if you are flying somewhere. There has been a couple of instances when people rented U-Hauls because they are cheaper than rental cars, or if cars are unavailable. Budget is a good service to find cars under $100/day. Or, if you prefer to order a ride, look past Uber and Lyft and try out Curb or MyTaxi. Sometimes, Uber and Lyft get so busy that it’ll be faster to use another taxi service. After you get your rental car, drive over to the hotel that you booked on the Hotels app. app is a lifesaver because you can opt for booking insurance. Most hotels will not refund you, or worse, will charge you for canceling. Thankfully, booking insurance will make sure you get your money back, with the exception of the insurance cost, which is typically around $10.

If you are flying, make sure you have the app downloaded for whichever airline you are flying with. With Southwest and most other airlines, you can check in on the app while you are on the way to the airport, saving time.  Next, check for local ride-sharing businesses- you are supporting a local business that way! In Fort Worth, TX, you can order a ride thru Cowboy Cab App. Going out for dinner? Reserve a table through Google or Yelp.


Happy Travels!

Lastly, be careful and buy insurance for any reservations. Carefully read over the rules and guidelines before proceeding with your adventure. Also, amidst online services becoming more popular, be careful of illegitimate 3rd party reservation sites. Apps are around to make life and travel more convenient. Happy, safe travels to our readers! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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